Obligatory First Post

Part of my delay in starting a blog was not knowing what to write my “Obligatory First Post”. I can tell you that this blog is about teaching, learning, and sharing. I just learned how to spell “obligatory”, the spell-check taught me, and I am sharing that with you. First post goal accomplished! I don’t want to spend my time (and yours) introducing myself since you can just head on over to the About section to learn more.

I have recently become a reinvigorated (according to spell-check I got that one right) teacher and want to share what I am learning that is making me a better at my passion (I think I can use that word like that). I hope you will find some of this helpful and it will encourage you to share whether it’s in the comments section, by joining a PLN on Twitter (@rrrerin2go), writing your own blog, or just passing something to your colleague down the hall.

Collectively moving forward helps us have a hand in every child’s success.

Let’s all be rrrErin2Learn and rrrErin2Share (too much?)….Now to figure out what the next blog topic shall be.


One thought on “Obligatory First Post

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