4 Ways to Make a QR Code in 1 Minute or Less!

SECRETHave you been thinking about QR codes and thought- “That will take too long…:” or “That’s too hard!”? Well, that is just not true! I have four ways to make your text, video, websites and more into a quick link for your students to access!  

Disclaimer: This post will mostly be helpful for anything that you can already get the url (web address) for. If you just have a video, audio, or doc that you created- you will need to know how to upload it to Google Drive, YouTube, or other cloud service. I will set that aside for a future post.
Disclaimer 2: Each of these ways will take a minute or less, so count on 4 minutes if you try all at once!

1. Use a QR Code-making website (I prefer

Best for: Single codes for websites, YouTube videos, images, or Google Drive files.

How To:

  • Open in your web browser
  • Copy the url that you need (easiest way is to open it in another tab or get the SHARE code)
  • Paste it in the box
  • Click on the dot for “Dynamic” (makes it easier to resize your code however you want to use it)
  • Download and save or right- click to copy and paste where you want to use it

Unnamed image

2. Use a Chrome extension for 1 click!

Best for: Single codes for websites, YouTube videos, or images.

How To:

  • FIRST TIME ONLY! (So don’t count this toward my minute): Open a Chrome browser and go to the Chrome Web Store (just google it)Unnamed image (1)
  • Search for “ url shortner” (Chrome Extension.)
  • “Add” it and accept the conditions (or it won’t be added)- It should appear on the top of your browser.
  • EVERY OTHER TIME ONCE ADDED! Open the webpage or YouTube video you want to create the code for.
  • Click on the icon that was newly added
  • Click on “QR Code” and there you go!
  • Right click to copy/paste and use it wherever! You can collect the codes in a document to save for later or just create new each time!

Unnamed image (2)

3. Use a Google Sheets “add-on”

Best for: Lots of codes at once, batch of the same code, codes that are text only

How To:

  • FIRST TIME ONLY! (So don’t count this toward my minute): Open a new or existing Google Sheet
  • Unnamed image (3)Go to the toolbar and click on “Add-ons” and search for Qr Code Generator (add and accept conditions)
  • EVERY OTHER TIME! Add in the information you need QR codes for in the same column and highlight the column to select (you can do single cells if you want to)
  • Select your new add-on and a box will appear to the right
  • Check off the top three boxes (this will label the codes for you once they are created)
  • Click on “Generate” and then “Open Document”
  • You can now name the new Google Doc so you can use the codes again and again!

Unnamed image (4)

4. QR Voice has been down lately! Make sure you test this before using this. I hope it is back up soon! (2/8/16)

Use  for text to audio QR codes!

Best for: Audio (not your voice, but text converted to audio as in Google Translate)

How To:

  • Go to
  • Type in the text you want (single words to longer directions/questions)
  • Click the button and there it is
  • Always test first to make sure the pronunciation is correct (TIP: Spell phonetically if it doesn’t work the first time)
  • Right click to copy and paste wherever you want!

Unnamed image (5)

I hope I have given you some confidence to give QR codes a try on your own! Stay tuned for a future post on ways to use these codes in your classroom as well (please excuse the quality of some of these images, I had some technical difficulties…)!


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