Back to School / Thoughts and Opinions

School starts tomorrow (mostly)!

Tomorrow I go back to school! I am not complaining since it’s a Superintendent’s Conference Day, Kindergarten Orientation at the end of the day and then I have a 4-day weekend! But tomorrow really marks the end!

I feel like I have been juggling a million things this summer:

I joined Twitter just before the end of school. I LOVE Twitter chats and try to participate in 2-4 each week.

I learned about SeeSaw and became a SeeSaw Ambassador!

I became a Google junkie (went to a Google Summit and a Google Camp).

I started this blog slowly, but moving right along lately.

I taught summer school for six weeks.

I started and just about completed my Google Certification Educator Level 1 training (and will take the test this weekend possibly?).

I started updating and creating resources to post on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Oh yeah, and I am mom to 2 kids that I had to entertain each day!

Well, one of my endeavors was to join an eBook with the new faces of Teachers Pay Teachers and I was included! Please check out these awesome books and open yourself to a world of amazing resources! Also please follow the organizers of these books as a big thank you for all their hard work! You can download each book for free from the store of the person who put it all together!


Check me out on page 23! It is a free download!

NF_ImFeatured_3-6 NF_ImFeatured_7-12NF_ImFeatured_Spec

I also entered a contest at the Google Camp (#FilltheRedCube) and I won! I am looking forward to my Red Cube of school supplies from McGraw-Hill Education (Take bets now on whether they put the iPad in I asked for…)

Though this (totally non-education moment) was the highlight of my day:

My daughters (5 and 3):

L- Mom, sometimes I think it’s a really great thing having a sister.

F- Like me!

L- Yeah (laughs)

F- Awww (hugs her big sis) I like to have you!

Then they both laugh and big hug while I cry! (They were screaming and fighting 5 minutes later, but it was a special moment!)


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