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SeeSaw Settings- Make it work for you and your students!

So I know you already set up SeeSaw, but just in case you haven’t yet- check out my last SeeSaw post and then come back.

Are you ready now? I want to walk you though some settings to make SeeSaw work just the way you want it to! First click on your name up in the corner. There is so much you control through this menu. Go down towards the bottom and click on “Manage Class.”

Access Settings1. Manage your class- Class name and grade level can be set in here, but you most likely have those set already. The third option allows you to add other teachers. Share the responsibility with co-teachers and have equal access to the class journal. Another option would be giving access to special area (P.E., art, library, music, etc.) teachers and allow them to add items during their classes. They would also be able to access the student journals to measure progress over time.

Manage Teachers

2. Manage Students- You already chose the sign-in mode and are not likely to change it. Under “Manage Students” you can change things and get some helpful information. Fix names that are misspelled, change icons, or check up on what parents have sign up for that child. Sign in on your device, click on “change icon,” and easily take photos to add for each child. This can be helpful for the youngest learners, or older students who are looking for something more mature. TIP: Have students draw a picture and take a photo of that for their icon!
Edit Student

You also can manage the settings for how students can interact with each other. At kindergarten I have it set for students to like each other’s posts, but not comment. I allow students to see each other’s work and edit their own work, but I have approval rights for anything they post.

3.Manage Parents- Under the “Parents” section is where you can invite parents to access their child’s journal. This is another place to check in on who does and does not have connected parents. You can send an email reminder to just those parents who have yet to sign-up. Just like students, you can manage what parents are allowed to do to interact. I don’t set it to approve parent comments (that could get over-whelming). I do allow parents rights to share, but I asked parents to limit themselves to sharing only items that feature their student only. At times we tag multiple students and some parents prefer to stay away from social media. If I run into trouble with this, I could easily change the setting.

Parent Settings

4. Manage Folders- I have to admit, that I haven’t used folders yet. I didn’t feel the need for them last year, but I think I may try some this year since our journal is already packed full of entries after just 4 days. You can set up folders in any way that works for you. Color-coding helps younger students manage their own work (You can set it so only teachers move items into folders.) Remember adding co-teachers? Folders could be a great way to organize the work students add in other classes. Try it out and comment any great ideas below!


5. Other Settings- There are a few more things to manage at the bottom! I don’t have SeeSaw pictures saved to the camera roll since I can download them at any time. I haven’t played with video quality (it seems to be great so far). At the very bottom, you can archive old classes (You can get them back later) and delete classes if you choose.


Use the settings to make SeeSaw work for you and your class. Just remember, they are so simple to change and not permanent! Watch for more SeeSaw posts coming soon!


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