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What else you need to know about teachers.

I am lucky to be a working mom in a field that supports families. That allowed me to take the day off to bring my child to her first day of preschool. This was her first day of school EVER and I got to take her there and she was able to run into my arms when her day was done. I was there to hear that she showed her new friends her new white underwear and didn’t cry at all! We spent the rest of the afternoon celebrating the start of school with lunch and LOTS of snuggles and stories! I am lucky that my supportive school is flexible enough to allow me to do that.

However, I am a teacher. A teacher of kindergarten. A teacher to a class of 16 students who just started coming to school for a full day with me only a week ago! Some of them are still crying in the morning, get sad when I take them to specials (because they miss me) and don’t know our routines at all.

Last night, after spending about 2 extra hours writing plans and prepping materials for my day off, I was certainly excited about the next day with my youngest child. However, I was also worrying.

Will they be scared to come to school in the morning (I had prepped them with Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten)? Will they cry when they get there? Will the substitute understand that some of the boys are still learning routines? Will they get yelled at? Will they miss me? Will everything get done? Will they learn anything? Will get everywhere on time? WHAT IF THERE IS A FIREDRILL? Will any students get lost? Will they have to go to the principal? Did I forget to leave anything? Did I explain everything enough? Will the substitute be patient with the student who takes some time to come around? Will my amazing teacher aide have to do all work??

I did eventually fall asleep and I woke up with the same worries. I looked at the clock as they were arriving at school, wondering if they were all ok? When I saw it was dismissal time, I wondered if anyone had a bus change and if they would get home all right.

I am a mom and I had a great day with my daughter and appreciate the time I am able to spend with her. I love that I was home to get my first grader off the bus at our house (first time she came here) and see her the minute she arrived!

But I am a teacher and I LOVE “my kids”. That’s what I call them, “my kids”. I worry about them, I want them do their best. Always. It doesn’t matter whether I have known them for a week or I haven’t seen them in 10 years. I care. Please remember that.

Well, that got serious! Back to tech tips and life in my kindergarten classroom! But first, this is what I stayed home for:

First day of preschool

Please remember this when you send your child off to school and worry less. Remember this when a teacher tells you something you don’t want to hear and listen. Remember this when you go to complain about teachers, or blame them for not doing enough.

We love our “kids”,

I love mine too and so happy this was a part of my day:


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