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Google Forms for Parent Conference Sign-Ups with automatic reminders: You will never do it the old way again!

So I heard about something over the summer and then one of my teammates joined Twitter (Yay- everyone should!) and heard about it. She reminded me and long story short, I was on a mission to figure it out! The “something” was having using Google Forms to sign up for parent-teacher conferences. Well, I figured it out, tested it, danced around my kitchen about how cool it was, and then used it with my parents. Get ready to have your mind blown!

What you are about to be able to do:

You can email parents or embed a Google Form on your website.

Parents will choose a time and enter just a few bits of information on a Google Form.

Google Form

Parents will NOT be able to choose the same time as someone else.

You will have all of their information (including chosen time) in a handy spreadsheet.

Conference Spreadsheet

Parents will AUTOMATICALLY receive a reminder right after signing up.


You will receive a copy of this reminder in your Drive AUTOMATICALLY.

Reminders in folder

The first time you do this it may take a little longer, but it probably takes about 20-30 minutes to set up. Then you have to do nothing! The link for the form is easy to grab and send out to parents when signing up!

I made each step into a shorter video in case you just needed to go back and review one step. You can watch the whole series in this playlist! Enjoy and dance around your kitchen too!

Step One- Create a folder and template

Step Two- Create the form

Step Three- Eliminate Choices (no parents will be in the same slot)

Step Four- Set up the email reminders to AUTOMATICALLY send to parents

Step Five- Cross your fingers and test it out!

I hope it worked. Please leave a comment if you are having trouble with something and I can try and toubleshoot! If you have a trouble-shooting tip, add that as well!


2 thoughts on “Google Forms for Parent Conference Sign-Ups with automatic reminders: You will never do it the old way again!

  1. Do you have any updates for the new version of Google Forms? I am having trouble sending out the reminders. I have everything else up to that point.


  2. I love your videos, Do you think it can work for an admin? Im looking to schedule conferences for all my teachers. Would it work for me to use two different check box questions on the form? One for teachers and one for time?


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