I have been a teacher in my own classroom since 2005. My experience has all been early primary (so far) and I have mostly worked in blended classroom environments. Although I love just about all aspects of teaching, I am most passionate about educational technology and literacy (the two are separate passions, but can go hand in hand). In addition to being a teacher, I take on leadership roles on committees and as a team leader. My final college portfolio included an opening (one page) statement that was required to explain my educational philosophy. I can safely say that I have stuck to the “life-long learner” part and am always striving to learn more. I attend conferences, lead workshops, and spend hours (each week) of my personal time to connect with other educators on social media. This blog is my way to share too.

My outside of school life includes two children and a husband (with the latter encouraging me to start this blog). You will find  Weingaertner - 05that I get easily excited and tend to ramble (and that I over-use parentheses for side comments and exclamation points for my enthusiasm)! I am working on getting rid of the double-space after a period, but my hands are conditioned so strongly. Also the blog name (and Twitter and Pinterest names) are from a nickname my friend gave me in high school. I will admit it was only after I complained that Erin did not have a good nicknameWeingaertner - 46 and he was the only person to ever call me “Rerin” or “Rerin2go” (maybe only a handful of times). I like it and its sense of urgency that we need to be out there learning and teaching and learning more (plus it wasn’t taken yet, imagine that).

Please come and be a collaborator. Share here in the comments, on social media, and with anyone who will listen. Check out more of my why.


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